Publishing audio for import to

These are the guidelines for creating audio files (MP3, MP4) that can be read by the importer.

The importer reads the ID3 tags of audio files. This is an overview of how the ID3 tags are mapped to content.

The artist tag is mapped to a Teacher. There are frequently misspellings in the names of Dhamma Teachers, which tends to result in duplicates in the database. In addition, prefixes such as Ajahn, Luang Por, Bhikkhu and others in the tradition of Ajahn Chah, add to the multitude of entries for a single teacher. For that reason, we ask that you stick to one form – the preferred form on is Ajahn, but other forms are also accepted. Work is in planning in regards to handling these cases where the same teacher is mentioned with multiple descriptions, as well as differentiating those where teachers have the same name.

The album tag is mapped to the name of a Collection.

The title tag is mapped to a track in a Collection. In addition, the title is used for the title of a Podcast. In other words, every track, every file, is imported and published as a Podcast entry, allowing subscribers to stay up to date whenever new tracks are added.

The comment tag is imported to the description of a Podcast.

The year tag is added to the Podcast to be able to properly filter Podcasts.