About dhamma.audio

The dhamma.audio service was created for the purpose of providing a single searchable source of Dhamma recordings in the tradition of Ajahn Chah.

The initial version includes  recordings in English, in a growing collection currently being built from resources published by monasteries in English speaking countries. Other languages are warmly welcome, from anyone able to include and manage the quality of recordings in that language.

Development of dhamma.audio is entirely based on volunteering and donations. If this is a valuable resource to you, kindly let us know. If you would like to help and support this service, we would gratefully appreciate it.

Please note that there is not yet an official organisation behind the dhamma.audio service. It is humbly focused on collecting audio and provide it in a searchable way. If you would like to contact us about the service, please write to contact – at – dhamma.audio via email.

All of the recordings available via this website are solely for free distribution, in accordance with each monastery’s policy, and following the Buddhist tradition to make the Dhamma publicly and freely available. Any paid redistribution is prohibited.

With this service, and the resources it links to, please take what you find useful and leave the rest aside. The service makes no claims to accuracy, but we do our best to continually improve the quality if information available from the service.